NL We hebben een website ontwikkeld voor PWRDBYPIM, een Nederlands bedrijf dat innoveert voor andere bedrijven en voor zichzelf. Zij creëren innovatieve producten, diensten of processen. PWRDBYPIM wordt gedreven door jonge mensen met een creatieve geest. Ze zijn niet bang om anders te denken en anders te zijn om het onbekende te verkennen. Wij geloven […]


NL 2Balou is een kledingwinkel geïnspireerd door de Franse roots van de zusters Daisy & Nadine. Zij hebben een eigen merk opgestart vanuit hun winkel op de Kleine Berg in Eindhoven. Ze volgen hun passie voor nieuwe kleding en het plaatsen van content op social media. Dit hebben wij digitaal vertaald voor 2Balou in een […]

Bakkers Hommen

EN BHW is a private independent real estate investment and development firm, active in the Netherlands since 2013 where we build a website for. They leverage their team’s skills, resources and proven expertise to create significant value. We have translated this into an online identity. We developed the logo, corporate identity, marketing and website! Take […]


EN We developed a digital identity for HVP BV. We developed the website, logo and corporate identity together with owner Walter Huijbregts. In addition to the online identity, we worked on the marketing of HVP. We created photos, building banners and social media channels for HVP. HVP develops and invests in (commercial) real estate such […]


EN We created a webshop for BlueBird, a company that was founded to move you from A to B in a safe, innovative and sustainable way with one of their electric scooters. The electric scooter is the ideal means of transport for the city because it is foldable and flexible to take with you in […]

Tattoo Treat

EN Tattoo Treat is a brand of Alfrink Cosmetics. Alfrink Cosmetics has 20 years of experience in the development and distribution of therapeutic skin care products. These products are used for the treatment of burns, scars, psoriasis and extremely dry skin in Asia, Middle East and the EU. Since 2015, MHP clinics and tattoo artists […]


EN A custom made responsive webshop we have build for Peacock. Peacock is an exclusive multi-brand store for men and women located in the modern shoppingcenter “De Helftheuvel” in ‘s-Hertogenbosch where only the best brands are sold. NL Een op maat gemaakte responsive webshop die we voor Peacock hebben gebouwd. Peacock is een exclusieve multimerkenwinkel […]


The main goal of our project with SITECH was to improve the overall customer service. With our Support App, 60% of the problems are solved without phone calls to customer service. Also, because of the Support App, employees are able to ask their questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a chatbox available […]


  The main goal of our project with Real Estate was to improve the service for a tenant. With our Real Estate App, around 60% of the problems will be solved without phone calls to customer service. Also, because of the Real Estate App, employees are able to ask their questions 24 hours a day, […]

Kies jij maar

EN We’re working on a project for you. Statements like ‘I don’t care’ or ‘You choose what we’re going to do’ are statements that gave rise to the ‘You choose’ app. The ‘You choose’ app was developed for people who can’t or don’t want to make a choice. A bite to eat with family or […]