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A company specialised in creating new innovative products

We are a young and creative company based in the Netherlands.

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Problem Finding

In this step, an issue is first drawn up and from there an research is set up.

This research is done throughout customer research, desk research, surveys and interviews.






With the insights from the problemfinding, a large number of creative ideas are conceived. These ideas will be coined with a team of professionals. 



With the ideas that were conceived during the Ideation phase. Different concepts will be created. Prototypes will be developed and extensively tested among the (potential) customers.




After extensive testing of the concepts, a final concept will be chosen. This concept will be developed and launched within the company or for the customers to use.

At this moment we are one of few companies that work this way.

By using this cycle, we make sure that you come to a new and creative innovation in a systematic and creative way, which will appeal to your customers.

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